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Black Barn

Consultancy at Studio Bark, 2018

The Black Barn is an award winning rigorously environmental ‘paragraph 79’ family home inspired by the vernacular architecture of rural Suffolk. It reads as a floating sculptural form surrounded by wild grass meadow. The scheme was granted planning permission in November 2015 under Paragraph 55 (now Paragraph 79) of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Construction began in January 2017, reaching practical completion in May 2018.

During Sarah's time as a Director at Studio Bark, she was the Project Architect and Contract Administrator of the Black Barn. Sarah continued to consult for Studio Bark on the Black Barn through the construction and post occupation phases, whilst setting up Studio Wic. Please see Studio Bark's page with more information on the project.

The design is a modern yet sensitive interpretation of the black agricultural barn - a typology that has scattered the East Anglian countryside for centuries. Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding to the exterior and exposed structural timbers within, reference this regional language with a  contemporary  consideration. 

A simple yet effective structural logic was developed in partnership with engineers Structure Workshop, resulting in an honest and efficient solution.  UK-sourced Douglas Fir scissor trusses taper upwards towards the large southern gable, create a dramatic elevated roofline and frame views to the surrounding countryside. The south facing glazing at the gable end is set back enabling the building form to self-shade in the hot summer sun, while benefiting from passive solar heating in winter.

Construction cost: £997,000

Construction: January 2017 - May 2018

Gross internal floor area:  322 sqm (including plant)

Form of contract: JCT Intermediate with contractors design (ICD'11)

Architect: Studio Bark  

Client: Private Domestic   

Structural engineer: Structure Workshop

Main contractor: Avoncrown

Cost Consultant: Andrew Bird Associates

M&E consultant: Omni Heat and Power / Hudson Electrical

Approved building inspector: Quadrant AI

East winner.png

Photograph by Lenny Codd

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