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Roman Road Community Land Trust

Community, 2018

The Roman Road Community Land Trust is a new initiative that seeks to protect the diverse community that makes Roman Road unique in perpetuity by providing truly affordable housing. The CLT aims to create an alternative solution for residents who are being forced out of the area due to increased property prices.


The CLT will do this by building housing to be sold or rented at a rate tied to the average income of residents. The underlying  belief behind the project is that affordable housing can sustain strong communities and improve the safety of the area for local residents. 


The Roman Road Community Land Trust is a not for profit Community Benefit Society. If you are interested in hearing more or becoming a member please follow or get in touch with us at our website link below.

Sarah Bland of Studio Wic has spearheaded this new initiative with support from local groups: Roman Road Trust, Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan, Community-Led Housing London,  National Community Land Trust Network, Appropriate Housing.

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